This course teaches theory and practice of using Academy Colour Encoding System developed by the Science and Technology Council (STC) of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS). The aim of this course is to show how ACES is set to:

  • Improve and simplify post-production workflow
  • Restore and preserve current motion picture assets
  • Create a standard that is ready for future technologies.

Dado Valentic will discuss the technical and visual requirements for acquisition and processing using ACES and introduce the basic practical workflow using Davinci Resolve.


  • The Introduction to ACES
  • The input device transform (IDT) by which image data from different cameras is transformed to a common colourspace (ACES).
  • Picture rendering using the AMPAS reference rendering transform (RRT).
  • The four key colour transforms: IDT, LMT, RRT, and ODT.
  • How is ACES best applied to the DI pipeline, and how it aids CGI/VFX integration.
  • The concept of working space. “Linear” mode (lift/gamma/gain) and “log” mode; contrast and brightness reinterpreted
  • Various output device transforms to yield imagery suitable for D-cinema, HD, and other displays.
  • The necessity of 3×3 matrix transform
  • The future and HDR acquisition