The biggest secret for success is understanding how to manipulate the viewer’s mind. To do this you need to comprehend the sensation that occurs when the brain is responding to stimulation from the colour receptors in our eyes. The experience of colour is different from person to person yet humans were hard–wired to perceive colour long before we mastered language. This Masterclass is designed for all professionals that are interested in learning the anatomy of colour and gaining an in-depth knowledge of how colour can take their stories to the next level.


  • Theories and systems of colour
  • Colour and culture
  • Properties and characteristics of colour
  • How do we see each colour
  • Perception and deception
  • Colour harmony theories
  • Individual colours: red, green, blue, yellow, white, black
  • What makes a good colourist
  • Colours of great colourists


COST: £300