This course is ideal for DITs, DOPs, VFX artists, post production supervisors, editors and junior colourists. In fact, anyone with a desire to get into digital colour management will benefit from attending the course. Class size is normally capped at 12 students, with all equipment, computers and cameras provided for.

Supported by the BFI and Creative Skillset, with funding from Creative Skillset's Skills Investment Fund.



1.    Five day course that mixes the theoretical side of colour management with practical real world training on workflows, approaches and techniques as well as creative look development.

2.    Annual License for Colourlab colour science

3.    Annual subscription to Colourlab software for Look Development and On-Set grading in value total value of $960

4.    Certified exam and practical application tests


Limited subsidised spaces are available for the 'Colour Management for Film and TV Productions' course.
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For more information contact:
Ivana Bajic,


Look Development and Show LUT Creation

  • A short history of colour grading and how tolls have developed
  • Industry tool set overview: Pomfort Live Grade, Filmlight, Davinci Resolve
  • How to load Colourlab software and get started
  • Colourlab interface overview
  • Basic colour theory and how this works in Colourlab
  • Waveforms, vectorscopes and histograms
  • Primary colour correction
  • Secondary colour curves
  • How look development tab works and how to use it correctly
  • Getting different RAW camera formats into Colourlab       
  • Create a look from RAW camera files
  • Input and technical profiles and how to use them
  • Film stock emulation profiles and how to use them
  • Creative palettes profiles and how to use them
  • Filter profiles and how to use them
  • Output and technical profiles and how to use them
  • Creating four basic looks to match the story
  • Making a LUT, exporting LUTs and looks

Colour Managed Workflow Fundamentals

  • Light and the human visual system: How we perceive and react to colour
  • Digital camera sensors
  • The truth about resolution, bit depth and dynamic range
  • Gamma, linear, log, PQ
  • Colour spaces
  • RAW – why do RAW cameras need colour management?
  • Common digital camera models, formats and metadata
  • Naming conventions
  • Colour Managed Workflow overview
  • Colour management On-set
  • Colour Management in Datalab, Digital dailies and Transcoding
  • Colour Management in Post Production
  • Colour management for VFX
  • Colour Management for Masters and Deliverables   
  • ACES – Academy Colour Encoding System

Creative Look Development

  • The techniques that are most effective for primary grading
  • Using a control surface; how it makes us better and faster
  • What you can do to protect image quality
  • Effects of colour: Examples of correction, enhancement and effects;
  • Popular Recipes:
  • Film Stock Emulation
  • Bleach bypass
  • Duotones
  • Hipster looks
  • Cross process
  • Natural colour vs colour washes vs tints
  • Day for night
  • Colour isolation
  • Classic black and white
  • Orange and teal
  • Naturalistic look
  • Classic action movie look
  • Grunge and horror movie look
  • Flashback looks

On-Set Looks

  • Monitor set-up and calibration
  • Test patterns and how to use them
  • Spectra Cal Calman5 monitor calibration
  • Applying LUTs
  • Creating ASC CDLs
  • Working with Blackmagic HDLink
  • Working with Fuji IS
  • Working with Teradek COLR
  • Camera matching using colour management
  • Looks creation for: F55, Arri Alexa, Panasonic Varicam, Red Dragon/Weapon and Gopro

Certification Test & Practical Application

Colour Management Training Certification Test

  • Practical Application Test:
  • System Setup
  • Monitor Calibration & Setup
  • Showlut Creation
  • CDL Creation
  • Camera Matching
  • Q&A
  • Certifications ceremony

D U R A T I O N :  5 d a y s

P R I C E :  £ 1 6 0 0