An action packed introduction to Blackmagic Fusion 8, state of the art node based VFX compositing tool (available as a free download) that is now connected to DaVinci Resolve making this course ideal for Editors and Colourists who wish to learn the concepts of compositing and Fusion’s tools to widen and improve their finishing skills. Knowledge is power! The class is capped to ten students with a workstation for each student enabling both, group participation and individual support.


  • Fusion 8 System Overview: Setting up Preferences, recommended Hardware.
  • Da Vinci Resolve 12.5 and Fusion 8 Roundtrip.
  • The Interface Layout: Flowgraph area, Display area and Controls area.
  • Working with Nodes: Building Effects and Composites in the Flowgraph.
  • Fusion Tools: A run through of 2D and 3D Compositing  tools and Compositing operations.
  • Motion Graphics tools: 2D and 3D Text, Effects and Animation.
  • 2D Tracking and Stabilising: 1 point, 2 point and 4 point Tracking.
  • Keying and Despilling: Keying Greenscreens or Bluescreens using Primatte, Difference, Ultrakeyer and Luma Keyers.
  • Rotoscoping: The key concepts in creating Complex Mattes.
  • Colour Tools: Matching multiple elements in the shot.
  • Paint: Using various Paint tools to Retouch and to Remove unwanted objects.
  • Particles: Using Particle Presets to add Steam, Explosions, Trails etc. 
  • 3D: Creating shots with 3D Depth using Image Planes, animating Camera, adding Lights, Textures, Depth of Field and Atmospherics.
  • Effects: Adding Light Wrap, Lens Flares and Trails.
  • Exporting Files: Saver. Delivering various formats.