This is a mid level project based course for those that have attended Fusion 101 and wish to learn how to apply their knowledge of the Fusion’s tools to the most common real life client demands from pack replacement, screen replacement, integrating CG elements, removing unwanted artefacts, adding animated titles, keying, adding effects and beauty retouching. This course ventures into more advanced compositing techniques and refining tricks that create high-end composites. 
The class is capped to ten students with a workstation for each student enabling both, group participation and individual support.


  • Introduction to the Project: Review of a sequence of shots in DaVinci Resolve.
  • Creating Shot Breakdown: Scheduling the Tasks.  
  • Cleanup: 2D Tracking and Painting to Remove Objects and Artefacts.
  • Screen Replacement: Four point tracking and Screen Integration.
  • Pack Replacement: Compositing and Integrating new CG pack using EXR Multipass Compositing
  • Animating Text: Creating Animated Titles.
  • Creating a Clean Plate: Using Fusion’s 3D Environment to create a Clean Background.
  • Keying Greenscreens and Bluescreens: Keying, Despilling and Compositing Greenscreen model into a Clean Plate by building our own Key.
  • Beauty Retouching: Tracking and Painting out Blemishes on Model’s Skin.
  • Refining the Composite:  Integrating different elements using filters like Glows, Light Wraps, Lens Flares and Defocus.
  • Final Touches: Adding Atmospherics, Adding Depth through Grading and Procedural Effects.


2-3 Feb 2017
Instructor: Klaudija Cermak

Eventbrite - Colour Training with Klaudija Cermak: Fusion 201