This is an advanced course that covers the most common client demands for retouching. Pre-requisite for this course is completed Fusion 101 and 201 course. While we are all impressed by and aware of amazing VFX action effects in film, TV and advertising the most common effects in the industry are the invisible ones. In advertising almost everything is beautified. This course examines the retouching techniques for products, people and pack shots. The course will not only tap into the secrets of the digital beauty work but give students the skills to recognise the need for and tackle retouching even before the client’s brief. 
The class is capped to ten students with a workstation for each student enabling both, group participation and individual support.


  • The Overview of Beauty Retouching: Before and After Shots of People and Products.
  • Drink Retouching: Removing drops from a wine glass 
  • Food Retouching: Removing unwanted bits of food and adding additional food elements to a shot
  • Packshot Retouching: Creating a perfect Packshot by Reframing its position, Removing Reflections and Artefacts and matching its colours to the real life product.
  • Car Retouching: Removing unwanted reflections from the car and changing the Number Plate.
  • People Retouching: Removing Blemishes, removing Stray Hair, Enhancing Lips and Eyes.
  • Creating a Clean Plate: Extending the Background using 2D and 3D techniques to replace the gaps left through removal of the artefacts.
  • People Sculpting: Slimming and reshaping the Body