With the recent introduction of file-based delivery of programmes and commercials to broadcasters, it has also been mandated that all quality control is to be carried out by the production and post-production companies supplying the content. This intensive one-day course provides the participants with the necessary knowledge to perform
the correct quality control procedures.

The course reviews baseband video & audio essentials and then relates this to file-based workflows. It covers the legal requirements such as audio loudness, eyeball and automated QC as well as photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) QC. It includes DPP delivery requirements, international deliverables and then finishes with a look at QC for future formats such as UHD. The course runs one practical session on baseband video and audio QC as well as three file-based QC sessions which the participants examine for eyeball QC and then we examine the associated automatic QC and PSE reports for that material.


  • Video standards overview 
  • Audio standards overview 
  • File-based standards overview 
  • Where QC takes place 
  • Types of QC
  • Practical examples of QC – AQC, EQC, PSE QC
  • Legal obligations for QC 
  • QC of future formats