This is a new and updated class that is an excellent introduction to DaVinci Resolve V12. It is ideal for first time users and you do not need to be a Colourist to attend. Class size is normally capped at eight-ten students with a workstation for each person. The class mixes the operational side of Resolve with some practical real world training on workflows, basic color theory, grading approaches, tips and techniques. It is run at a relaxed pace, questions are encouraged and group participation is a key part of the course. You are encouraged to download Resolve Lite and have a play. This class is ideal for Junior colorists, editors, DITs, DPs and VFX artists, basically anybody with a desire to get into color correction.


  • Resolve System Overview: Setting-up Resolve, Recommended Hardware and Software.
  • Click Every Button: Resolve interface overview
  • Preferences, Databases, Settings
  • Media Page: Bins, Smart Bins, Shortcuts, Metadata
  • Edit Page: Timelines, Trim Mode, Edit Shortcuts, Transitions, Generators, Audio
  • Colour Page: Tools, Reference, Stills Library Overview
  • Deliver Page: Formats, Conversions, Naming, Single and Individual Type Render
  • Understanding waveforms, vectorscope, histogram
  • Understanding Primary Colour Correction: Lift, Gama, Gain, Saturation
  • Curves: Main, Soft Clip, Hue vs Saturation vs Luminance Curves
  • Qualifiers: HSL, RGB, 3D Keyer
  • Windows: Circular, Power and Grads
  • Tracking Windows with the auto tracker
  • Keyframing both color correction and framing controls
  • Understanding Nodes and how they work properly
  • Import Sequence using Scene Cut Detection
  • Short Sequence grade: Create a look and deliver graded master.
  • Render ProRes and H264