Carlos Gonzalez // Illumiret Productions

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful learning experience. I really enjoyed learning more about Color from someone who is truly passionate about the art! It makes a world of difference when knowledge comes from this beautiful place. I look forward to applying the techniques & concepts, gleaned from your master class, in my future Color projects.

Paul Sedillo // Republic.TV // Austin, Texas

Dado Valentic has a gift for teaching his students how to leverage colour to help drive the story.  It is these micro moments that we encounter when watching a movie which transcends our experience. He teaches how the most subtle nuances drive our emotions. With the precision of a surgeon and the beauty of an artist, Dado takes you on a educational journey that leaves a strong lasting impression. These lessons are worth more than the price paid.

Jennifer Mendes // Loudness Films


There are plenty of possibilities and techniques in color correction. The biggest difference between Dado's way of teaching and others is that he teaches us a real way to work by giving a practical approach with plenty of examples and that makes all the difference.

Thanks for everything Dado!

Alex Parkinson // DIT


I have been a professional DIT since 2009, working with the tools the course was based around and, as such, expected the course to be more of a refresher and, at best, hoped that I might pick up a couple of alternative ways of approaching things. Instead, you gave me techniques and principles that have revolutionised my practice, making me faster, more flexible and ultimately just better. 

I was able to put the skills and knowledge you gave me into practice on the very next job, using both the little shortcuts and tricks you gave us and, more importantly, applying the broader principles of colour science that I'll be able to use and build upon for a long time to come.

ArronSheekey // Technical Demonstrator in Moving Image and Motion Control // Birmingham


The knowledge you gave me especially working with stereoscopic 3D was amazing and made the usually difficult process seamless.

Mike Cunliffe // Director

Grading 101 did teach me a lot of technical stuff which I’d half understood before (a dangerous position to be in!) and by the end of the course I felt I could do much of the basic grading with a proper understanding of what was behind it.

Valerio Liberatore // Colourist


The most important thing about this course is that you transmit the enthusiasm and the passion for this subject (things that I already felt when I first entered in a color theatre in the company I used to work) and now, more than ever, I really know that's what I want to do in my life!

So I'm giving a 10/10 to this course... I wished it lasted more, but I'm not saying the time wasn't enough for what we did, I'm saying that I have so many things to learn! 

Thanks again, and if you ever need an apprentice you can count on me, it would be an honour!

Will Roberts // Orillo productions // York


With the knowledge we've gained from the courses we have been able to install a 4K capable Resolve grading suite in our studio and we've managed to push colour to a whole new level in our films.

Andu Radu // Film editor // Romania


I was extremely pleased to find in Dado a great professional and an amazing teacher with so much experience. He had answers to any questions, had patience and a great sense of humor. On top of everything, he seems very much in love with his job and I consider this to be his greatest attribute. The classes are well conceived, efficient and organized. ColourTrainingis a great place to start the color grading road or to develop into a better colorist”

Archie Short // Orillo productions // York


I work as a cameraman and colourist at a production company in York. I had taught myself the basics of Davinci and colour theory but attending Mytherapy's 101, 201 and commercials Colour grading masterclass made me much more disciplined in professional workflows, file management and new processes that I'd never heard of before. It was great to get reliable and personal tuition in a relaxed and open setting.

Maryna Tkachenko // Kyiv // Ukraine


I worked for 4 years in post-production studio as a colorist and I found out about the course on the internet. Berlin was the city which made the whole experience unique.

Ivan Garriga // Filmmaker // Barcelona, Spain


I was in London this March at Dolby center in your training about DaVinci Resolve 201 & Popular Looks, it was a great experience!
Attend your course was definitely a step forward in my role as colorist. In addition, as a director & cinematographer this course has given me a much more comprehensive view of workflow, and tools that help me to streamline my shootings.

Jamie Curtis // Filmmaker // Photographer


Hi Dado, 
If they gave oscars for teaching you would have already won ten of them, it's a special talent you have (like Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society)... and I will never look at a chicken's legs the same way again! 
Take care man and good luck with all your projects.

Klaudija Cermak // VFX Artist


Dado's courses distinguish themselves by his holistic approach to teaching that goes far beyond just pressing the buttons. He makes you think! Scary, exciting and a total delight.

John Rowe // Head of Digital FX // National Film and Television School

Martin has been delivering excellent, tailored colour classes to the National Film and Television School's Digital FX colourists and VFX students for several years. He has the rare ability to make the complex understandable.

Gary Westmoreland // Director of Post Production // ITV Production Links North & Emmerdale

Our Media Technician team had a range of technical expertise resulting in diverse needs. Michael & Martin have created an informative and comprehensive course accessible to all levels. The learning experience was complemented by concise reference material and practical demonstrations. An excellent course explaining the QC requirements for UK and international broadcasters.

Nathan Caws // Finishing Editor // IGNITION 

Taylor made Training with Dado Valentic

'1-1 was brilliant and allowed for full interaction with Dado, including all various questions I had to understand the software and theory behind colour. Great workshop, easy to break down and understand'.

Taegen Carter // Director

The class was incredible.  Dado is an amazing teacher and his depth of knowledge is incredible.  I've spent a lot of time online researching color correction, and never scratched the surface.  Just wanted to say to you, and to Dado, thank you!

Juliano Angeliano // Executive Producer short films // Miami

Learning DaVinci Resolve from Master colorist Dado Valentic was an amazing experience. It was like learning Kung-fu from a Shaolin monk the way he incorporate's stories and color grading together. Because ultimately that's how it should be, Color and Stories.