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We work with the world's leading studios and media companies to create training that is in alignment with the latest industry standards and assist transition to HDR and Wide Gamut.

Dado Valentic - Color Scientist

Dado Valentic has led transition to HDR and has worked on the world’s first HDR show for Netflix. Since then he has worked with companies such as: WB Studios, NBC Universal, CBS, Univision, HBO, Comedy Channel, Activision, Electronic Arts, Disney, Netflix and many more.

Dado Valentic has lectured at major Film Educational Institutions such as London International Film School, NY Film academy, UPGrade Berlin, International Colorist Academy, Moscow International Film School, Dutch Nation Film and Television School, Australian National Film School, SAE Oxford, Glasgow University, Reducation and many more.

We work with major production entities that deliver regularly to streaming providers such as: Netflix, Amazon, Apple+, HBO max, Hulu and Disney+

Our training is following industry standards SMPTE ST 2084 and ITU-R Rec.2100 that guide and recommend use of High Dynamic Range and Wide Gamut.

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I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it was to meet all of you. The course itself was absolutely satisfying but, as Dado predicted, it was an added bonus to spend a couple of days with such a lovely bunch of talented people.
Vincent Taylor
Senior Colorist, NY
Thank you so much for generously passing on all your amazing knowledge and sharing your plugins and LUTs! The class was fantastic and far beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to start putting your methods and tools into use with my clients in San Francisco.
Jamie LeJeune
Colorist, SF
I expected the course to be more of a refresher and, at best hoped that I might pick up a couple of alternative ways of approaching things. Instead, you gave me techniques and principles that have revolutionised my practice, making me faster, moreflexible and ultimately just better.
Alex Parkison
DIT, London
I want to thank you for such an amazing experience, it was very enlightening for me. I am very grateful and hope to come back to studying with you very soon.
Manuela Paredes
Senior Colorist
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