Classroom Based

Training Schedule

December 18- January 19

City/Venue Dates Courses Enroll
AbelCine LA
801 S Main St, Burbank
California 91506, USA
4-5 February
6-7 February
Colour Managed Workflow HDR in Production Enroll Enroll
AbelCine NY
88 35th Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232
21 -22 Feb.
25-26 Feb.
Colour Managed Workflow Beauty and Retouching for Motion Pictures with Dado Valentic Enroll Enroll
AbelCine LA
801 S Main St, Burbank
California 91506, USA
18-19 March
20-21 March
Feature Film Masterclass Beauty and Retouching for Motion Pictures with Dado Valentic Enroll Enroll


By master colourist Dado Valentic

Our courses are different in a way that they teach you the art and science of colour manipulation and not just how to use and operate the software. Our specific school of thought, philosophy, and approach to colour manipulation has become a runaway success amongst filmmakers around the world.

We have taken this classroom based training experience to the next level by introducing the latest techniques in interactive learning and are proud to present our new online training classes. Our online courses will increase the effectiveness of your learning through practical exercises and tests. You are encouraged to constantly explore new possibilities and develop your own style. Our courses are recommended for Colourists, DITs, DOPs, VFX artists, post-production supervisors and editors. In fact, anyone with a desire to understand digital colour will benefit from this unique training.

Colour Managed Workflow

Bespoke Training Service

Color Managed Workflow started as a training for high-end feature film production teams and has established itself as a reference training for production teams looking to advance their image quality. This training is now available as a part of our Bespoke Training Service for networks, production and post-production companies and businesses in TV and Film production looking to fast-forward their production teams and bring them to the latest standards.



NYC 25 – 26 February

The ultimate hands-on practical training on how to control the visual appearance of skin, the techniques that shape and modify the look and feel, and advanced retouching techniques that can be deployed using Davinci RESOLVE, FUSION and MOCHA.

One could argue that half of the colorist’s job is to grade skin tones. With 4K now being a standard and with increased screen quality, the appearance of the skin has become more challenging than ever. It is impossible to master and finish production without having to give the skin some form of treatment. While motion picture skin re-touching was originally limited to a few high-end film or commercial productions, today is a constantly growing world of digital media content and its different delivery channels. It has become a rule that everyone needs high-end finishing look whether this be for film, commercial, Netflix, Instagram or Facebook.

HDR for Davinci Resolve

LA 6 – 7 February

In the last two years, we have seen an exponential growth of HDR productions. As a result, there is a big demand for colorist skilled in grading and delivering in HDR. This intensive two-day masterclass will prepare you for the job of grading and delivering HDR shows for Netflix, Amazon or any other HDR channel using Davinci Resolve.