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Are you interested in learning about color grading and would like to know more about it without necessarily taking the path of becoming a professional colorist? Are you a cinematographer, a filmmaker, a content creator, or an editor and want to complement your skill with knowledge of digital image manipulation that was in the past reserved only for those working in high-end post-production? Have you been curious about color grading but did not have time or did not have the desire to learn how to use Davinci Resolve. Are you happy to stay working with Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro? If any of the above applies to you - then this is training for you

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It is no secret that Color Grading makes the biggest impact on the overall perception of the quality and professional finish of any production. And while in the past decade color grading became more accessible than ever, not everyone has succeeded in mastering the skill of digital color correction. There are two main reasons for it:

  1. Color Grading is hard to learn. It takes several years to master color grading to a level close to that of professional colorists. Davinci Resolve, the main color grading software, is getting more and more complicated. The manual alone is 4000 pages long and it still does not cover many tricks and techniques necessary to be able to grade like a pro.
  2. Are you resorting to using internal tools inside Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro but the results are anything but flattering. This has nothing to do with your skill but with actual tools inside editing applications. The color grading tools inside Premiere or Final Cut Pro are not working well. Algorithms are not accurate, they are slow and their interface is pretty tough to operate so even with the greatest effort one is left with subpar results.
New Color Grading 101 Program

Colourlab Ai

In this course, we will teach you how with a minimum effort and by using a brand new Ai color grading tool Colourlab Ai it is possible to grade like a pro without having to spend years learning new software. In less than a few hours, you will be able to start using a new color grading tool that seamlessly integrates into your current workflow.

Power of Ai

A new Ai tech is making color grading simple. A new concept that is revolutionizing picture post where color is virtualized and now only small metadata can replace large renders or transfers, allowing you to easily move looks from location to location or one software platform to the next.

Fast and Simple UI

A new style of user interface that removes the need of having to learn the functions of dozens of sliders and controllers by allowing you to simply click on the image with the desired result.

Advanced Image Processing Engine

A new color management engine that is tightly integrated into your editing application giving you the power of advanced image processing available previously only in high-end grading systems directly inside Premiere or Final Cut

New Workflow

A new style of integration that is using API to connect to your applications. A workflow that removes the need to export any XMLs, clips, renders or conforms.

What you will learn


Color Management

It might sound strange that you will start with color management but now color management is so simple and automated that it can take not more than one click to deploy it. If we are to choose only one skill in this course that has the potential to instantly transform your work then it would be Color Management. Color Management is the fastest shortcut to transform your images from flat and boring looking to ones full of color and character.

Color Management

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Controlling exposure is the starting point of any color grading process. The raw material is not always optimally exposed and perfecting its exposure is the first step toward balanced and continuous sequences. With the right exposure setting, it is possible to draw viewers' attention to the right part of the frame too. In the past professional colorists had to rely on their intuition and years of experience in order to adjust exposure correctly but now we will be able to use an automated exposure tool and a completely novel way of exposure measurement.


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Temperature is closely related to the Light Source and White Balance of your camera. One setting that can fluctuate a lot during the shoot. But temperature is not only important to correct the White Balance setting. it helps drive emotion and atmosphere and you will learn how with a single controller it is possible to achieve exactly that - Drive viewer's emotional reaction.


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Contrast is possibly the most underrated part of the look. At the first sight, it has nothing to do with color content itself yet its impact is transformational. Contrast and Color are tightly linked and inseparable parts of the image. By definition, contrast is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of the image but we will take it a step further and learn about contrast as the tonal distribution within the available dynamic range. You will learn how you can transform the shot by using simple contrast control or more advanced contrast curves.


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Density, also known as Gamma is part of image adjustment that has the highest impact on the perception of actors' faces. Its unique characteristic is that it maintains the contrast and color balance and that it affects the range of images that our eye is most sensitive to. We will learn how to drive viewers' attention to the right part of the image with simple density adjustments.


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Show Look

Show Look is the crowning of the color grading process. The DNA of the look. Everything we learned so far was the preparation for this part of image processing where we modify the look to give it a unique character. We will learn about 80 years old psychology of color and the science behind the look of the photochemical film process.

Show Look

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Auto Color

Here we enter a new territory of Ai-powered image processing. We will learn how it is now possible to replace the skill of manual 3-way color correction with a fully automated single-click approach. Now you can work faster and more automated than ever before. And you don’t have to spend months and years mastering the 3-way color corrector tool nor you will require expensive hardware controllers.

Auto Color

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Linking with Adobe Premiere

Learn a new two-way of API integration that completely changes the way how you approach color grading.

Linking with Adobe Premiere

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Linking with Final Cut Pro

Learn a new two-way of API integration that completely changes the way how you approach color grading

Linking with Final Cut Pro

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Camera Matching

The only camera matching solution available today that analyses your image content first before performing matching and balancing.

Camera matching

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A training content that is forever yours and never expires.

Software License

A fully functioning license of Colourlab Ai for the period of 30 days.

Practice Media

Practice Media to download and use for all parts of the course.


Access to Discord community server to share the experience and get support.


A discount code on software subscription if you successfully complete the course.

Live Q&A

Live Questions and Answers and discussions of Student Assignments.


This Masterclass is recommended to cinematographers, filmmakers, content creators, or editors who want to complement their skills with knowledge of digital image manipulation that was in the past reserved only for those working in high-end post-production.




Over the course of 20 years working as a colorist, color scientist, researcher, and lecturer, I contributed to the creation of many award-winning films and tv shows. I helped build the careers of many professionals who have attended my training courses or lectures at film schools and training institutions around the world. I consulted for major film studios, media enterprises and gaming companies and founded the company behind the first Ai color grading application. In the constantly changing field of color grading and picture post-production, my mission is to provide individuals and businesses with the skills, latest tech and know-how to drive efficiency, speed, and creativity while delivering always better image quality.

To Start Your Color Grading Journey


Color Grading 101



A Ten Modules training program with access to software and practice media.

  • A training content

    A training content that is forever yours and never expires

  • License for Colourlab Ai

    A fully functioning license of Colourlab Ai for the period of 30 days

  • Practice Media

    Practice Media to download and use for all parts of the course

  • Access to Forums

    Access to Discord community server to share the experience and get support

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Colour Training


What is cohort training program

This is a type. of training program where you work in a group to pre-defined schedule. We have found this to be the most effective way of learning.

I am not able to attend live stream classrooms, can watch it later?

If you are not able to attend live sessions, you are going to be able to watch recording later. A few hours after the live session has finished, we will upload recording that you can watch anytime it suits you.

How long will I have access to class materials?

This class is going to be available for the lifetime it will not expire. You will be able to login into your account, click on seminar title and rewatch it any time you like.

Do I need to be a member to attend?

You don't need any specific membership. The moment you enrol into this seminar you will automatically become a member of our professional colorist community.

Will I be able to ask questions if something is not clear?

Yes, this is a fully interactive masterclass and you will be able to ask questions and get answers via chat or by unmuting your microphone when prompted by seminar coordinator.

How can I interact with other attendees or ask questions at later stage?

After you join, you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to join our Discord community, where you will be able to communicate with other members.

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