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In nature, light creates colors. In picture, color creates the light


How to Make Pictures Beautiful

We train Film and TV Colorists, Editors, DITs, VFX Artist, Game Designers and Filmmakers on how to use the latest technologies and image processing techniques to deliver the best image quality across a wide range of delivery formats.

You will learn how to manage, optimize, grade and deliver the highest quality images using tools like Davinci Resolve, Baselight, Colourlab, Live Grade, Easy DCP and many more. You will also learn everything about HDR, Dolby Vision, ACES, and Wide Gamut.

From Data Management and Dailies Grading to Motion Picture Retouching.

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Our Story

Dado Valentic started Colour Training with an aim to offer a deeper artistic and scientific view on color in film, tv and the game industry.

He has lectured at the Dutch Film Academy, London International Film School, Moscow International Film School, SAE Oxford, Edinburgh University of Arts and Berlin Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie -UP.GRADE.

He has consulted and trained for CBS, NBC Universal, YouTube, Google, Panasonic, Activision, Univision, TV GLOBO in Brazil and South Korean National Television Foundation. 

In 2019, in partnership with AbelCine, Colour.Training has embarked on a journey to create the world’s best professional color training centers in Los Angeles and New York.

Our Mission

As humanity is moving away from the written and into the visual era of communication, the importance of color and its impact on viewers emotion has become greater than ever. While we use our skills of visual storytelling for professional Film and TV production we believe that this knowledge needs to reach far beyond the borders of our industry.

I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it was to meet all of you. The course itself was absolutely satisfying but, as Dado predicted, it was an added bonus to spend a couple of days with such a lovely bunch of talented people.

Vincent Taylor

Senior Colorist, Chimney | NYC

Thank you so much for generously passing on all your amazing knowledge and sharing your plugins and LUTs! The class was fantastic and far beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to start putting your methods and tools into use with my clients in San Francisco.

Jamie LeJeune

Colorist, Cinedocs | SF

I expected the course to be more of a refresher and, at best hoped that I might pick up a couple of alternative ways of approaching things. Instead, you gave me techniques and principles that have revolutionised my practice, making me faster, moreflexible and ultimately just better.

Alex Parkinson

DIT, London

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