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The role of a colorist is deeply intertwined with technology. Undoubtedly, the emergence and advancement of AI will reshape our profession. AI stands out as the transformative force in our domain. This three-part course delves into this groundbreaking technology from a pragmatic perspective. We'll explore how to harness AI now to streamline workflows and even conceive entire commercials or film scenes without the use of conventional production equipment.
Our mission is to help you stay at the forefront of this thrilling shift. With straightforward, step-by-step guidance, we facilitate a seamless learning curve. Prior experience with AI isn't required. Participants can progress at their comfort level and engage with queries.

Upon completing the AI Creator Program, attendees will acquire:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Gen AI tools and methodologies.
  • Proficiency in designing photorealistic virtual actors.
  • Deep insights into Midjourney Prompt engineering complemented by a prompt cheat sheet.
  • Techniques to animate and mobilize virtual actors via AI.
  • Mastery in designing virtual sets and positioning virtual actors.
  • Expertise in converting drawings into 3D models using AI.
  • Skills to produce royalty-free music via AI.
  • Techniques to render realistic voice-overs through AI.
  • Proficiency in delivering and finessing the final commercial.


In the initial module, we’ll craft a full commercial exclusively using AI — from synthesizing a virtual actor to animating it and injecting motion into a virtual entity. Additionally, we’ll design a virtual set and integrate our virtual actors seamlessly. In the subsequent phase, we’ll transform sketches into 3D models and integrate the product and captions into our commercial, all via AI. To conclude, music and voice-overs will be generated, once again, utilizing AI.

Prompt engineering for Midjourney

Embark on your Ai adventure by delving deep into the art of Midjourney prompting techniques. This module serves as your foundational guide, ensuring you master the core strategies from the get-go.

Design of virtual actors ensuring character consistency

Designing virtual actors is an art in itself, but ensuring their consistency takes the craft to an entirely new echelon.

Animation of still images and introduction of motion

In the ‘Animation of Still Images and Introduction of Motion’ module, we delve into the art of breathing life into virtual characters, simplifying the magic of animation.”

Creation of virtual backdrops and actor compositing

In the ‘Creation of Virtual Backdrops and Actor Compositing’ module, we take the next leap, finalizing the first segment of our commercial by seamlessly integrating actors into imaginative virtual settings

3D model generation from sketches via AI

In this module, we’ll delve into the fascinating process of transforming a simple pen-and-paper sketch into a vibrant 3D model

Music composition using AI

No commercial hits the right note without music. Let’s dive into crafting tunes using the power of Ai!

Voice-over production via AI

The ultimate leap in Ai generative arts? Crafting a realistic voice-over. Tune in to the future!

Mastery in delivering a polished product

To cap off our first module, we’ll weave together all the elements, delivering a polished short as our pièce de résistance.


Experience a comprehensive workflow to craft a full commercial without the need for actors, agencies, studios, equipment, crews, or ancillary costs. No royalties for 3D artists, voice talents, or music. 

Deliver a photorealistic beauty product commercial straight from your desktop using only AI.


A distinctive feature of this course, setting it apart from others on our platform, is its format: a triad of bi-monthly sessions. As the rapid evolution of AI continues, each installment will introduce fresh content.

September 21

November 28

January 17

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What is cohort training program

This is a type. of training program where you work in a group to pre-defined schedule. We have found this to be the most effective way of learning.

I am not able to attend live stream classrooms, can watch it later?

If you are not able to attend live sessions, you are going to be able to watch recording later. A few hours after the live session has finished, we will upload recording that you can watch anytime it suits you.

How long will I have access to class materials?

This class is going to be available for the lifetime it will not expire. You will be able to login into your account, click on seminar title and rewatch it any time you like.

Do I need to be a member to attend?

You don't need any specific membership. The moment you enrol into this seminar you will automatically become a member of our professional colorist community.

Will I be able to ask questions if something is not clear?

Yes, this is a fully interactive masterclass and you will be able to ask questions and get answers via chat or by unmuting your microphone when prompted by seminar coordinator.

How can I interact with other attendees or ask questions at later stage?

After you join, you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to join our Discord community, where you will be able to communicate with other members.

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