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color managed workflow

Color Managed Workflow

Learn how to make beautiful looks by mastering the techniques for look design. If you are looking for one class that will teach you how to raise the bar and improve the end image result than Color managed Workflow is class for you.

March 22 - March 26 2021
10am-12pm PST

Color Grading Feature Films

How to succeed in the industry that demands better image quality at faster turnaround times than ever before? This class has been created with the focus on Colorists that are specializing in color grading of scripted content for major streaming providers such as HBO Max, Disney+, Apple+, Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

April 26 -30 2021
10am-12pm PST

Color Grading Commercials

How to stand out from the crowd and give productions that high-end finishing touch. Apart from the obvious look development work, we will explore the extended capabilities of DaVinci Resolve 16 for cleanup and finishing tasks as well as a very important aspect of beauty treatments and motion picture retouching.

May 17-20 2021
10am-12pm PST

Industry Reference Training

We work with the world's leading studios and media companies to create training that is in alignment with the latest industry standards and assist industry transition to HDR and Wide Gamut.

Colorist Meetup

Learn from industry-leading figures and get up to date with the latest developments

Look Academy

Most advanced industry training program.

Online Training

A comprehensive self-paced study into important all important aspects of the color grading process.



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