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Dave Hussey Company 3

We are honored to announce that Dave Hussey will be our guest at Colorist Meetup Live on Thursday, October 22nd. Dave has graded thousands of commercials for all major brands and even more music videos, including some of the most iconic ones. He has won pretty much every award that a colorist can win, and we love him most for making the world a more beautiful place by giving Jennifer Lawrence those great looks in ‘Red Sparrow’. It will be a rare chance to take Dave away from the grading console and an excellent opportunity to get to know him up close and personal.

Matthew Tomlinson - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

We are proud to present recordings of Colorist Meetups from 2019. We will start this series with Matthew Tomlinson, who won the award for the best tech talk of 2019. It is a fascinating story of how the look of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was created. 00:00 – Welcome and Introduction 05:53 – How Matt started in the industry and how to become a color scientist 11:20 – The relationship between colorist and color scientist 21:15 – The look of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 26:45 – The game-changing moment 31:47 – Details about film scanning 35:10 – About the showlut 48:58 – The Digital Intermediate Please subscribe to our channel if you are interested in seeing more of talks like this. We also do great courses that are useful if you consider advancing your career as a professional colorist. We teach what is most relevant and the industry-standard and give the right set of skills to be deployed across the industry. We were well known for years in the industry as a reference training company, but now we have moved into a remote classroom training and had massive success with it so far. Remote Classroom is excellent news, especially if you don’t live in LA and New York, as you will get the same training but anywhere in the world. Our classes sell out regularly, so early booking is recommended.

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