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ColourLab HDR plugin for DaVinci

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to grade and master in HDR for Netflix, Amazon, HBO or any other broadcaster requiring HDR10 as a delivery format. Even if you haven't graded in HDR before, Colourlab HDR will make the transition from SDR to HDR seamless. You will learn how to setup Davinci Resolve for HDR grading, what monitors to use and how to grade SDR and HDR on the same timeline. We will cover some of the most important issues and how to fix them, as well as advanced features such as PQ100 and Archive modes.


ColourLab HDR plugin for DaVinci
  • History of Colourlab and what it does
  • How it works and what is unique about it
  • Installation, Licensing and Setup
  • Setting up Davinci Resolve for HDR grading
  • Importance of Node Order and Processing with Davinci Resolve
  • Colourlab HDR10 mode
  • Grading SDR and HDR in parallel
  • HDR and contrast and exposure
  • HDR and colour volume
  • HDR and noise
  • HDR and lense flares
  • Colourlab PQ100 Mode

This course is free for all ColourLab HDR license holders. To obtain ColourLab RGB software and its license please visit www.colourlab.co

  • Colourlab Archive Mode and how it works
  • What to do if you need to deliver Dolby Vision?
Enrollment: 26.03.2018 - 03.12.2018
Instructor:  Dado Valentic
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