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ColourLab RGB plugin for DaVinci 201

After completing course 101 and covering all the technical aspects of ColourLab, this class teaches you how to use ColourLab to develop your own unique and original looks. You will find out how the subtle manipulation of colour can help tell the story and affect the emotion. The course also demonstrates how ColourLab simplifies look creation by taking you through the processes of creating some of the most common 'colour cooking recipes'. After completing this class you will be ready to use ColourLab to create your own looks and develop your own grading style.


ColourLab RGB plugin for DaVinci 201
  • How look development works and how to use Colourlab
  • Contrast Profiles and how to use them
  • Film stock emulation profiles and how to use them
  • Creative palettes profiles and how to use them
  • Lift, Gamma, Gain, Saturation and Printer Lights
  • Examples of looks: Victorian Drama
  • Examples of looks: Cross process
  • Examples of looks: Classic black and white
  • Examples of looks: Orange and teal
  • Examples of looks: 60’s Look
  • Examples of looks: 70’s Look
  • Examples of looks: 80’s Look

This course is free for all ColourLab RGB license holders. To obtain ColourLab RGB software and its license please visit www.colourlab.co

  • Examples of looks: Sci-Fi Look
  • What you can do to protect image quality
Enrollment: 26.03.2018 - 03.12.2018
Instructor:  Dado Valentic
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