Fundamentals of Digital Color Processing 2020

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  1. Introduction to Digital Cinematography
  • Light and the human visual system
  • Digital camera sensors
  • RAW processing pipeline
  • Colour spaces
  • Gamma, linear, log, PQ
  • The truth about resolution, bit depth and compression
  • Common digital camera models
  1. Introduction to Color Science
  • What is Colour Science?
  • Physics of Colour
  • Artistic view on Colour
  • Primary Colour Correction
  • Secondary Colour Correction
  • Colour Cube – 3DLUT
  • Expanding our view on Colour
  • The mysterious world of illusion
  • Colour and Emotion
  • Colour and Harmony
  1. Colour Management Fundamentals
  • Colour Managed Workflow overview
  • What is Look?
  • Colour management On-set
  • Colour Management in Datalab
  • Digital dailies and Transcoding
  • Colour Management in Post Production
  • Colour management for VFX
  • Colour Management for Masters and Deliverables
  • ACES – Academy Colour Encoding
  1. Davinci Resolve 101
  • How to load your software and get started
  • Grade different RAW camera formats
  • What are waveforms, histograms and scopes?
  • Basic Color theory and Primary Color Correction
  • Look creation – What are the elements of the look
  • Making a LUT, exporting LUTs and Looks
  • Secondary correction including qualifiers and curves
  • How the nodes work and what are different types of nodes
  • Power Windows: Learn why you use them, not just how to use them
  • Tracking Windows with the auto tracker
  • Keyframing both color correction and framing controls
  • Render to Prores REC709 and Web H264 Master
  1. Davinci 201
  • Using a control surface, how it makes us better and faster
  • Scene Cut Detect
  • Conforming with XML or AAF
  • Look Management and Matching
  • Plugin FXs, what is Colourlab?
  • VFX shots – Green Screen
  • Fix noise and out of focus
  • Speed changes
  • Finishing touches – add grain and scratches
  • Render ProRes or DNxHD for Editing, H264 for the web.
  • Export and XML/AAF from FCP/Avid/Premiere. How to Round-trip successfully

  1. Introduction to Feature Film Color Grading
  • The short history of Feature Film Colour Grading and the birth of Boutique Post
  • Colour Grading Suite set-up
  • Project delivery
  • Reels, layer management, xml, aaf, offline, audio
  • The Art of conform
  • Media management
  • VFX Workflow
  • Opening titles, closing credits and subtitles
  • Last-minute edit changes
  1. Introduction to Commercials Color Grading
  • The short history of Commercials Colour Grading and the birth of Remote Grading
  • Colour Grading Suite set-up
  • Remote Grading tools and options
  • Project delivery options
  • Option A – Fast Turnaround
  • Option B – High-End Clients
  • VFX Workflow
  • GFX Workflow
  • Versions

  1. HDR Fundamentals
  • What is HDR?
  • HDR Screens
  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR10
  • HLG
  • UHD Premium
  • Why Color Management?
  • Look Management
  • Color Managed Workflow
  • Colourlab
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