• Intermediate

Introduction to Digital Cinematography

This course is for anyone interested in learning about the art and science behind digital media manipulation. It covers everything from the basics of digital cinematography to the physical aspects of light. You will be introduced to everything from Isaac Newton's light theory, where the light is described as an electro magnetic wave, to quantum physics where light is explained to be both a wave and a particle. The course also covers the electro magnetic spectrum and why the brain is the most important organ in the human visual system.


Introduction to Digital Cinematography
  • Light and the Human Visual System
  • Digital Camera Sensors
  • RAW processing pipeline
  • Colour Space
  • Gamma, linear, log, PQ
  • The truth about resolution, bit depth and compression
  • Common Digital Camera Models
This course is a part of the Colour Managed Workflow training program and is free to all attendees of the classroom-based training.
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Instructor:  Dado Valentic