Color Grading Masters Program Summer 2024

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Welcome to the Color Grading Masters Program

This is the world’s only training program offering this level of color grading expertise and the opportunity to earn a diploma. Over six months, embark on a journey to elevate your color grading skills to professional standards. You’ll be equipped to join any post-production team worldwide, mastering the latest techniques and workflows used in the industry today.

What You Will Learn

  • Proficiency in color management and grading for films and commercials.
  • Skills in working with HDR and ACES.
  • Techniques for creating awe-inspiring looks and high-end film emulation.
  • Strategies for pitching to directors and developing business skills for starting your own venture.

How the Program Works:

  • Six Masterclasses and Various Seminars/Workshops: The program is divided into six masterclasses, complemented by seminars and workshops, including a new class exploring Ai.
  • Time Commitment: Expect to dedicate 8-12 hours per week over a 6-month period.
  • Weekly Structure:
    • Live Streaming Class: Every Tuesday at 10 am PST, a 2-hour live class with course leader Dado Valentic.
    • Self-Study Modules and Assignments: Engage in self-study and complete assignments, submitted via Discord.
    • Assignment Reviews: Receive feedback during live classes or office hours.
  • Culmination – Look Academy: A unique program focusing on creativity, working alongside legendary Hollywood colorists and guest lecturers. Develop a unique color grading style among the world’s most talented upcoming colorists.
    • Final Stage: The Look Academy finalists are invited to Los Angeles for an in-person grading session on a 4K Laser projector, with a winner chosen.
  • Certification: Complete a test and submit a thesis to be awarded the Master’s Diploma.
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