Dream Higher with colour.training

There is a lot of educational material available online for color grading and Davinci Resolve. However, the material is not organized to learn effectively. Often the focus is on showing off a cool shiny feature without covering the fundamentals.
We have taken a different approach while designing our training program. We focus on how you can build practical knowledge on top of a solid understanding of underlying color science.

Our Fundamentals of Digital Color Processing Course will teach you enough theoretical details to understand how color science works without drowning in mathematical formulas. Our primary focus remains on practical skills, so we also cover Davinci Resolve from a professional user’s point.

If you have solid theoretical knowledge of color grading and operational skills for Davinci Resolve, then you are ready for our Remote Classroom Courses. Our goal will be simple. Each participant will complete their 3-4 practical exercises in a given subject at a given time frame.

Our next level of Color Training is in the form of Summer and Winter Look Academy that runs over one month with guest lectures from Award-winning Color Scientists, ASC Cinematographers, and Hollywoods leading color grading artists.

We are also building on short training courses focusing on specific subjects such as Dailies Grading, Calibration, Dolby Mastering, and ACES.

Here are the links to our courses with full content and description.

As a reminder, all courses are 50% until the end of the Black Friday Sale, December 1st.

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