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Jul 20 - 23 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm





Color Grading Feature Films – Remote Classroom

How to succeed in the industry that demands better image quality at faster turnaround times than ever before?

This class has been created with the focus on Colorists that are specializing in color grading of scripted content for major streaming providers such as HBO Max, Disney, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. 

The course covers how to best set up the grading room even if it is at your house. Best practices for dealing with the client remotely, delivery, and conform. With an increased demand for Episodic TV finishing, we are on the mission to give you the most relevant training and make you better equipped and prepared for the work as a remote Feature Film Colorist.

This training is based on Feature Film Masterclass that has launched careers of hundreds of colorists in the past and we are committed to seeing you succeed too. Don’t miss this opportunity to work alongside Master Colorist Dado Valentic who was responsible for some of the biggest movies and TV series.

Here’s how it works: Students will recive a PDF with the course info a few days prior to the class. After each day’s 2-hour training session, you will be given assignments to complete prior to the next day’s class. A few hours after the course runs, that day’s recorded session will be available to stream so that you can re-watch the lesson to aide in completing your daily assignment. These videos will be available to stream for 20 days after the course ends. You will be sent a link to join a private Facebook group where you will collaborate online with Dado and your fellow classmates throughout the run of the course. All attendees will be given practice media, LUTs, and Colourlab Plugins.


REMOTE CLASSROOM MON-THU 20-23 JULY 10:00 am-12:00 pm PST




DAY 1: Preparation for Colour Grading

Remote Colour Grading Room set-up

Project delivery – Reels, layer management, XML, AAF, offline, audio

Conform & Media Management

Colorist Strategy

DAY 2: From Look Development to Finish

Color Management and HDR

Camera Matching through Color Management

Fixed node tree

Creating film stock emulation looks

Adding Film Grain


DAY 3: Fix it in Grade

Creating day for night

Sky replacement

Object Removal

Dealing with out of focus material



DAY 4: Mastering

Dolby Vision Trim pass

Mastering for Netflix

Mastering for Apple+, Disney+

Common Quality Control errors and how to avoid them

The event is finished.

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