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Nov 30 2020 - Dec 03 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm





Color Managed Workflow – Remote Classroom

This course is actually all about learning how to make beautiful looks. Ultimately, you will learn a set of techniques for a look design. But before we can make that happen we need to learn all about Color Management.

With this course, we have created a comprehensive training on the subject for digital color processing. This subject includes the whole process of image creation, from the camera to the end-user display device.  

Once you learn how to get most out of modern digital camera sensors, you will be able to take full control over your image. We will teach you how to create a whole spectrum of looks and how to emulate a variety of historic film stocks while working in SDR, HDR or ACES. 

At the end of this four-day training, you will not only have full insider knowledge and techniques but will also gain full practical experience of how to use them. 

Color Managed Workflow training was originally developed with the support of the British Film Institute and since it has established itself as a standard for modern Film and TV professionals working on top shows for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. 

We recommend it to 

  • Cinematographers wanting to explore the possibilities that digital cinematography opens, and that go far beyond traditional techniques thought at film schools. 
  • DITs wanting to advance their career beyond data management tasks. 
  • Filmmakers who want to learn all about color and possibilities they have. 
  • Colorists wanting to expand their knowledge and learn how to work like a pro and be able to design some of the most beautiful looks in SDR, HDR, and ACES.

Here’s how it works: Students will recive a PDF with the course info a few days prior to the class. After each day’s 2-hour training session, you will be given assignments to complete prior to the next day’s class. A few hours after the course runs, that day’s recorded session will be available to stream so that you can re-watch the lesson to aide in completing your daily assignment. These videos will be available to stream for 20 days after the course ends. You will be sent a link to join a private Facebook group where you will collaborate online with Dado and your fellow classmates throughout the run of the course. All attendees will be given practice media, LUTs, and Colourlab Plugins.







Color & Perception

How do we see Color?

The Mysterious World of illusion

Color Measurement

How to read Waveforms, Vectorscopes, and Histograms

Camera Test Measurement

Calibrate Camera Using Color Checker Chart



Color Managed Workflow and Davinci Resolve

Advanced setup and how to use

Designing Color Pipeline

Making and testing  LUT

SDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma

Graded Archival Master

Recreating masters from GAM




Printer Lights

Show LUT shaping techniques

Channel Blending

Lab, Subtractive Color

HDR to SDR translation



Look Design

Creative Palettes and Film Profiles and how to use them

What can you do to protect image quality

Cross process on Kodak Vision 3

Classic 80’s Kodak Print Look

Film Noir

2020 Look Trends

The event is finished.

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