Master the Building Blocks: Lay a Solid Foundation with Our Essential Color Grading Courses

Foundation courses are an essential part of the learning process. They will give you all the knowledge necessary to understand how digital image processing works and, as the name suggests, give you the necessary foundation to build your knowledge. We have found that students that have all background knowledge are able to progress much more quickly and gain a much deeper understanding of the process. Equally, the contents of Fundamentals are not available anywhere else in this compact form. It would take you many months and many white papers and books on image processing to collate the contents of fundamentals. And last but not least, what we teach is the dual nature of color or we help you understand the connection to color that humans have and how we use color to manipulate emotions and convey better stories.

Cinematic Color Grading

$289 $199

Color Grading in Theory and Practice


Fundamentals of Digital Color Processing

$289 $199

Registrations are open for our

Summer Semester 2023

Unlock exceptional value with our Full Summer Pass, granting you access to all our courses for just $750, a remarkable savings compared to the regular price of $2800.

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