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3 hours


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For this seminar, we have invited Nick Shaw, one of the ACES Gamut Mapping group leading contributors, to run through why gamut mapping is needed in ACES (and other) workflows, how the ACES Reference Gamut Compression works, and how it should be used.


The latest release of Davinci Resolve has finally implemented the ACES 1.3 gamut compression transform. The gamut compression transform is the result of the Gamut Mapping Working Group’s work to create a more robust solution to issues with out of gamut colors and the resulting artifacts (loss of texture, intensification of color fringes). The delivered gamut compression transform performs well with wide gamut, high dynamic range, scene-referred content and is robust and invertible.
For this seminar, we have invited Nick Shaw, one of the groups leading contributors, to run through why gamut mapping is needed in ACES (and other) workflows, how the ACES Reference Gamut Compression works, and how it should be used.

What you will learn

• Introduction
• The CIE 1931 Colour Matching Functions and the Human Visual System (HVS)
• Fundamental differences between cameras and the HVS
• Resulting errors in chromaticity values, particularly with narrowband lights
• Other causes of gamut problems
• Problems resulting from out of gamut values
• Artefacts produced by ODTs
• Issues in grading
• Issues in VFX
• Solving the problems
• ‘Traditional’ gamut mapping approaches
• Why these are not suitable here
• The old “Blue light fix” LMT
• The ACES Reference Gamut Compression
• Requirements for the algorithm
• Exposure invariance
• Zone of trust
• Invertibility
• How the RGC works
• Implementations
• Workflow
• On set/dailies
• Editorial
• DI
• Archive


Colorists, Cinematographers, and DITs who desire to stay up to date with the latest developments in image processing. Previous experience with ACES workflow is beneficial.

By completing this seminar participants will

  • Learn why Gamut Mapping is needed

  • Learn how Gamut Mapping works

  • Learn the correct way of implementing it

  • Learn how to deal with ACES workflow challenges

Live Seminar


Meet your instructor

Nick Shaw

From Antler Post (, Nick Shaw has been working in post-production in the UK and internationally for over 25 years. Having studied electronic engineering, he worked as an editor, first in tape-based suites and then on a range of non-linear systems. With the advent of digital cinema cameras, it became apparent that a host of new challenges had arisen. There was a need for people with an in-depth understanding of image pipelines. With his sound technical background and post experience, Nick was ideally placed to cut through the jargon and help people get the best out of the new technology. He has served as a technical book reviewer, written articles and manuals, and produced training videos on a range of subjects related to digital cinema. He is a member of one of the ACES Technical Advisory Councils, a Mentor on ACESCentral, and a contributor to the open-source Colour Science for Python project.


I am not able to attend seminar live, can watch it later?

If you are not able to attend seminar live, you are going to be able to watch recording later. A few hours after the seminar has finished, we will upload recording of the seminar that you can watch anytime it suits you.

How long will I have access to recordings?

This seminar is going to be available for the lifetime it will not expire. You will be able to login into your account, click on seminar title and rewatch it any time you like.

Do I need to be a member to attend?

You don't need any specific membership. The moment you enrol into this seminar you will automatically become a member of our professional colorist community.

Will I be able to ask questions if something is not clear during the seminar?

Yes, this is a fully interactive seminar and you will be able to ask questions and get answers via chat or by unmuting your microphone when prompted by seminar coordinator.

How can I interact with other attendees or ask questions at later stage?

After you join, you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to join our Discord community, where you will be able to communicate with other members.


This is now my third remote course with Colour Training, and I have to say it keeps getting better, and it's an absolute pleasure. I've learned so much and have become more confident in my process and grades.
Jeremy Castillo
I learned so many helpful techniques from this course. The virtual class style was great and Dado really helped us along, making sure he didn't miss anything. He gave plenty of time for questions and made sure we really grasped the content before moving on. Dado was really informative and the course was jam-packed with content. The community was really nice and supportive. There are a lot of trainings and tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere about how to achieve certain looks from blockbuster films, Dado dove deep into what is actually going on "under the hood" on why and how certain techniques work. I feel like I'm so much better equipped than I was before I took the class.
Justin Ihara
An interesting format to learn online with insite on how to use the tools built in and professional tips and tricks which can quickly elevate your work. Dado is such a likable teacher and he really guides you through the processes so that you understand every step. As a senior colourist attending the class, it was not just a refresher course, but also gave me motivation to try alternative methods and approaches. #fingerspitzengefühl
Shaz De Jav
Senior Colorist
I really enjoyed the course and Dado's approach to teaching. At some points it went a little fast but being able to re-watch the course was helpful in catching up on what I missed during the live session. I look forward to hopefully taking more classes in the future.
Derrick Woodyard
The overall experience was great. The community and collaboration waere too notch.
Manny Aroyo
Senior Colorist
Before I got this course, I've not had any knowledge about Commercial grading. When some clients asked me to grade their videos, i refused, because I was not ready to do the job properly. Now I'm more confident and already use all of the techniques you gave is, and the result is unbelievable!
Nadia Mishina
I have tried many online courses, but is the best. No one teaches at such a professional level. You're great. 🙂
Michal Levicek
The course was amazing. The Structure was very well and Dado explained everything really good. I was surprised at how well the questions were inserted into the seminar. Really good Job!
Lars Pölöskey
Personally, I had a great time taking this course. It was filled with information that is going to improve my workflow as well as my overall skill using DaVinci.
David Muessig
The course surpassed my expectations. I new it would be good but not that good:) I am a cinematographer and due to the filming restrictions put in place in Melbourne, Australia, during the Covid pandemic, I am now setting myself up as a remote colourist. This course has given me the confidence to take on bigger and more demanding projects. I am not an experienced colourist but I found the content very well presented and explained. The course covered so much and was full of tips and techniques relevant to todays commercial workflow. Dado is a fantastic teacher and I really appreciated the "classroom" feel of the remote classroom environment. I am very grateful to have found Dado and the team at Colour Training. I look forward to taking all of the available courses and one day selling myself as a colourist. Thank you!
Richard Oldfield
Really enjoyed and was very informative. I think it was great for me at my current level and I’m not a colorist
Daniel Farmer
The course was very well structured and still individual so I got a lot of information about color management for special use cases.
Tim Kersken
I learned so much. I felt that my workflow was the main thing getting in the way of my creativity and this helped me understand the things holding me back.
Tyler Desiderio
Freelance Colorist
This course opened my eyes. Love Dado, his openness, expertise, and humor made this course a real pleasure to participate in.
Cyrus David
I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it was to meet all of you. The course itself was absolutely satisfying but, as Dado predicted, it was an added bonus to spend a couple of days with such a lovely bunch of talented people.
Vincent Taylor
Senior Colorist, NY
Thank you so much for generously passing on all your amazing knowledge and sharing your plugins and LUTs! The class was fantastic and far beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to start putting your methods and tools into use with my clients in San Francisco.
Jamie LeJeune
Colorist, SF
I expected the course to be more of a refresher and, at best hoped that I might pick up a couple of alternative ways of approaching things. Instead, you gave me techniques and principles that have revolutionised my practice, making me faster, moreflexible and ultimately just better.
Alex Parkison
DIT, London
I want to thank you for such an amazing experience, it was very enlightening for me. I am very grateful and hope to come back to studying with you very soon.
Manuela Paredes
Senior Colorist

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