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Fundamentals of Digital Color Processing

Everything you’ve always wanted to learn about digital color processing in a single course. It reveals the most important  secret of great image quality by looking at the process form camera sensor to end user display as one.

100+ videos

Online Colorist - Micro Degree

Get a headstart into the process of Dailies Grading. Apply color management, learn about all challenges, and how to solve them. This is an A-Z of dailies creation.

Micro Degree

Dailies Colorist

Learn all skills necessary to work as Dailies Colorist for Feature Film or Episodic TV production.

ACES in Practice

Learn how to deploy ACES successfully in your post-production pipeline. From Setup to Film Stock Emulation LUTs and creation of Graded Archival Master.

DVR Color Managed

A comprehensive self-paced study into important part of modern color grading workflow. This course will teach you how to correctly use various forms of color management available in Davinci Resolve.

Monitor Calibration

How to calibrate for SDR and HDR grading

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is undoubtedly, the most important format for mastering and delivery of HDR shows today. Learn what it takes to deliver to most major streaming channels. 

Data Management

From Camera card backup, Cloud Archive, Virtual Private Networks to Master Delivery.

Industry Reference Training

We work with the world's leading studios and media companies to create training that is in alignment with the latest industry standards and assist industry transition to HDR and Wide Gamut.

Colorist Meetup

Learn from industry-leading figures and get up to date with the latest developments

Look Academy

Most advanced industry training program.

Remote Classroom

The closest you get to work alongside master colorists.



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