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Did you ever wonder why movies look the way they do? Did you ever ask yourself how cinema evolved from an analog, photochemical process to digital and how movies like Se7en, Drive, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker or Roma are made to look exactly that way? There are certainly no coincidences, and in this Masterclass, you will learn about the building blocks behind these and many other great cinematic looks.

In the past 50 years, filmmaking has undergone a tremendous transformation, and that change continues today. While filmmaking technology has changed, the aesthetic of a good look seems to have continued to follow specific unwritten rules. We believe that no one is better positioned to help us understand that process than Josh Pines. From Star Wars to Roma, from Aviator to the latest Marvel Shows. He has worked with some of the world’s best cinematographers, directors, and studios throughout his four decades-long career as a color scientist. He has continually pushed the limits of what is possible with currently available technology. From developments in image scanning in the early 80s for ILM, later as a vice president of color imaging R&D: Technicolor Digital Intermediate, all the way to contributing to the development of Ai-based image processing.

Josh Pines has embraced the technology of image processing and filmmaking and has helped bring some of Hollywood’s most iconic-looking images into existence. It is fair to say that we would have been here today without some of his work. Like helping create a CDL – color decision list system that still stands as the best industry standard for look management decades later.

But this is just one side of the coin. Apart from being a world-class color scientist, Josh Pines is one of those rare personalities we wish we had more in the film industry. He is a great teacher and, more than anything, infectiously entertaining. He can take some of the most complicated concepts in color science and make them fun, simple and understandable, and frankly, not many people in the world can do that.

This is a very rare chance to learn from Josh Pines. This online seminar will be held on Wednesday, April 20, at 10 am PST, and it is planned to last 2 hours with time allocated for Q and A.

Who is the course for?

This class is recommended for all colorists, cinematographers and filmmakers interested in learning the concepts behind image processing in the creation of cinema and understanding constants behind the esthetic of cinematic color.

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2013 Sci Tech Awards: Joshua Pines, David Reisner, Lou Levinson, Curtis Clark, David Register

Kristen Bell and Michael B. Jordan present Joshua Pines, David Reisner, Lou Levinson, Curtis Clark, ASC, and David Register with Technical Achievement Awards for the development of the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List technology. From the Academy’s Scientific & Technical Awards held on February 15, 2014 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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