This is one of the most important courses for professional colorists. We will learn the Art of Look Creation and will go deep into discoveries in the area of Color Science. You will be first to use new Ai powered software tools. We will study Film Theory using examples by some of the world’s best directors and cinematographers, and we will complete a series of practical assignments for four weeks. Strictly limited participant count.



Advanced Training
$ 99
  • Live Classes
  • Prre Recorded
  • Self Study
  • Assignments

Learn from Hollywood’s leading colorist and color scientist

Award-winning colorist and color scientist, Dado Valentic is well known for the innovation and technological advances that he brought to the field of digital imaging.

He has worked on Film and TV productions like Game of Thrones, Exodus, Marco Polo, Sherlock Holmes and hundreds of commercials for companies like Apple, Chanel, Audi, Coca-Cola, YSL, Lexus, or Nike.

His approach to communicating color science has won him a wide audience as a leading instructor and spokesperson. He has lectured at International Colorist Academy, the Dutch Film Academy, London International Film School, Moscow International Film School, SAE Oxford, Edinburgh University of Arts and Berlin Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie – UP.GRADE

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Our approach to color creates a whole new way of looking at it. Together with thousands of students from all over the world, we are continuing adoption of our program into top film schools and universities. Our image processing principles are being integrated into most prestigious production and post-production companies. We are connecting the missing dots on the path of evolution of visual communication.

Students Reviews

I was inspired and energized after taking the Bespoke Color Training with Dado Valentic. His knowledge and passion for color science is evident and made it easy to grasp the material having limited knowledge. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about the art and science behind Color.
Marissa Boquet
Warner Bros
The 2 day class you just thought was informative and inspiring. Your Mentor was right when he said that you should teach. You are a gifted teacher as well as an amazing colorist. Thank you! I’m excited to start using the tools you’ve given us at CBS and start to elevate our Promos. Again, much appreciation for the training!!
Evon Barros
I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it was to meet all of you. The course itself was absolutely satisfying but, as Dado predicted, it was an added bonus to spend a couple of days with such a lovely bunch of talented people.
Vincent Taylor
Moving Picture Company
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