Fast-Track Your Learning: Dive into Focused Color Grading Topics with Our One-Day Seminars

Seminars are short training courses, usually a duration of 2 hours, that narrowly focus on a specific subject. As you start improving your skills, you will discover that there are specific tasks or skills that you need to deep-dive into and master in order to progress in your job. Each Semester we run at least four new seminars, and at the same time, you have access to the library of seminars that we have developed over time. Seminars are highly recommended and can easily lead to breakthrough moments, will clear many unknowns and teach you skills that in the past, you could only learn from senior colorists.

Advanced Ai for Color

$89 $49

Advanced Color Management for Adobe Premiere

$89 $49

Mastering ACES: Beyond Basics

$89 $49

Beauty and Skin Retouching

$89 $49

Registrations are open for our

Summer Semester 2023

Unlock exceptional value with our Full Summer Pass, granting you access to all our courses for just $750, a remarkable savings compared to the regular price of $2800.

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