October 18, 2021


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This course is a comprehensive hands-on workshop on the process of designing, testing, and delivering a creative Show LUT for digital motion picture productions.

With special guest: Joshua Pines
New Module 'Advanced LUT Editing'


Show LUTs allow for the communication of consistent creative intent throughout the production and post-production processes, and inform not only the starting point for the final creative color grade, but the photographic choices made on set. Participants will learn the strengths and limitations of LUTs, their defining technical characteristics, and their different applications in production and post-production environments. Most importantly, they will learn how to author and adapt LUTs which best serve their creative and technical needs as well as those of their collaborators. Instruction will be rooted in future-proofed best practices, ensuring optimal results regardless of camera or mastering color space(s).

What you will learn

At the conclusion of this two-week training, participants will have thorough knowledge of how LUTs work and how best to design, test, and deliver them for their specific use case. Participants will also learn proper methodology for adapting legacy show LUTs in order to use them in modern color-managed workflows. In addition, they will have completed the design and delivery of a custom-built show LUT which they can use in future projects and collaborations.


We recommend this course for anyone seeking a clear and concise understanding of LUT creation and adaptation. This includes:

  • Colorists wishing to expand their role by creating and communicating consistent looks with their clients from pre-production through final delivery
  • Cinematographers and filmmakers wishing to exercise greater control over their image, and communicate their creative intent to stakeholders throughout production and post-production
  • Junior colorists, color assistants, editors, and other post-production professionals wishing to expand their skill set and increase their value

By completing this course participants will

  • Gain a thorough understanding of how LUTs works, and how to ensure they’re properly deployed

  • Learn the key components of a LUT and how to effectively manipulate them

  • Cultivate foundational knowledge of the concepts and methodologies that drive successful look development

  • Understand the challenges of adapting a LUT, and how best to navigate them

  • Hone their creative eye and learn how to better realize and communicate their unique vision

Two Week Schedule

The course is a mixture of live and recorded material – Cullen Kelly will be doing a Monday Class, and you will have the rest of the week to watch the supplementary content online and submit your assignment by Friday.  A certificate will be awarded after the course upon completion and submission of all assignments.




Analyzing LUTs


Building Creative LUTs


Building Hybrid LUTs


Adapting Legacy LUTs





In this module, we’ll cover the fundamental concepts critical to understanding and working with LUTs. We’ll also debunk and clarify the prevailing misconceptions about LUTs which persist within filmmaking and post-production communities. Finally, we’ll make a thorough survey of the strengths and limitations of a LUT.


  • What is a LUT?
  • What can LUTs do, and what can’t they do?
  • Quick primer on tone curve, color gamut, and color space transformation
  • Understanding sampling and interpolation
  • Pros and cons of LUTs vs other color transformations

Analyzing LUTs

In this module, we’ll build on the fundamentals and explore the three key types of LUTs, and technical properties all LUTs are defined by. We’ll conclude by exploring several means of analyzing the contents and behavior of a LUT inside Davinci Resolve and Lattice.

By completing this module, participants will learn:

  • The three types of LUTs
  • The key properties of LUTs
    • Input color space
    • Output color space
    • Size (sample interval)
    • Dimensions
  • Understanding 1D LUTs
  • Understanding 3D LUTs
  • Analyzing LUTs in Lattice and Resolve

Building Creative LUTs

In this module, we’ll focus hands-on creation of LUTs designed strictly to reproduce creative intent (creative LUTs). Emphasis will be on de-coupling our look from any technical transforms, selecting the proper grading tools and plugins, and using the right images to evaluate our work. Finally, we’ll focus on generating a .cube LUT file, adding metadata to it, and giving it a meaningful name which leaves room for revised versions in the future. Participants will be assigned their first of two homework assignments: building and submitting their creative LUT for instructor review.


By completing this module, participants will learn:


  • Building creative LUTs in Resolve
  • Selecting and setting up color management in order to “de-couple” our creative look from our technical transforms
  • Which manipulations and plugins can and can’t be cooked into a LUT
  • Evaluating our work on the right images
  • Renaming and adding metadata to Resolve-generated LUTs

Building Hybrid LUTs

In this module, we’ll explore how to add technical transforms to creative LUTs, allowing us to generate camera and display-specific viewing LUTs for production or editorial. We’ll also explore methods for stress-testing LUTs to ensure they can accommodate a wide range of imagery.


By completing this module, participants will learn:


  • Incorporating a technical transform into our creative LUT to create a viewing LUT
  • Using Lattice vs. Resolve for this task, pros and cons of each
  • Understanding tone mapping and gamut mapping
  • Stress testing our LUT
  • Ensuring a tight match to the chosen color management solution

Adapting Legacy LUTs

In this final module, we’ll explore concepts and methods for adapting legacy LUTs into modern workflows. This is critical for anyone wishing to use LUTs built on measured real-world data — e.g. a film print profile — which are necessarily confined to the limitations of the display/projector used in the profiling process. Participants will also be given their second assignment: creating their final show LUT, either from scratch or by adapting a legacy profile.


By completing this module, participants will learn:


  • Why adapting a LUT is one part scientific and one part creative
  • Using Lattice to adapt a LUT for a scene-referred workflow
  • Using Resolve to exert more control over this process
  • Isolating contrast and colorimetry, independently scaling these behaviors
  • Checking our results and troubleshooting problems
  • HOMEWORK: Create your final LUT — can be an on-set viewing LUT or pure creative LUT, either adapted for your workflow or built from scratch with proper technical transforms

Meet your instructor

Cullen Kelly

Cullen Kelly is a Los Angeles-based senior colorist with credits including the 2021 Oscar-nominated short film Feeling Through, multiple Netflix shows, and brand work for Microsoft, McDonald’s, Sephora, and others. He also teaches for Blackmagic Design, creates custom color grading tools, and hosts a growing YouTube channel. With a background in image science as well as the arts, he’s passionate about the intersection of the creative and technical, and its role in great visual storytelling.

Our Method of Teaching


As a part of your class, you will receive scheduled office hours with your instructor to share progress and receive personalized feedback


Class schedule is adapted to your busy schedule. Carefully designed training program that accelerates your growth through live stream instructions, video lessons, assignments, feedback sessions scheduled over a period of two weeks


You will join an intimate group of professionals that are passionate about their craft as much as you are. Share progress, tips and make friends from around the world.


Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion, by one of the most regarded professional training companies in the world.


We work alongside leading software manufacturers to give you access to some of the best applications and plugins. Save on tools that you need.

Ready to join the class?

  • Create ready to use LUTs
  • Drastically improve your LUT design skills
  • Get personalized feedback
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  • Lifetime access


This is now my third remote course with Colour Training, and I have to say it keeps getting better, and it's an absolute pleasure. I've learned so much and have become more confident in my process and grades.
Jeremy Castillo
I learned so many helpful techniques from this course. The virtual class style was great and Dado really helped us along, making sure he didn't miss anything. He gave plenty of time for questions and made sure we really grasped the content before moving on. Dado was really informative and the course was jam-packed with content. The community was really nice and supportive. There are a lot of trainings and tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere about how to achieve certain looks from blockbuster films, Dado dove deep into what is actually going on "under the hood" on why and how certain techniques work. I feel like I'm so much better equipped than I was before I took the class.
Justin Ihara
An interesting format to learn online with insite on how to use the tools built in and professional tips and tricks which can quickly elevate your work. Dado is such a likable teacher and he really guides you through the processes so that you understand every step. As a senior colourist attending the class, it was not just a refresher course, but also gave me motivation to try alternative methods and approaches. #fingerspitzengefühl
Shaz De Jav
Senior Colorist
I really enjoyed the course and Dado's approach to teaching. At some points it went a little fast but being able to re-watch the course was helpful in catching up on what I missed during the live session. I look forward to hopefully taking more classes in the future.
Derrick Woodyard
The overall experience was great. The community and collaboration waere too notch.
Manny Aroyo
Senior Colorist
Before I got this course, I've not had any knowledge about Commercial grading. When some clients asked me to grade their videos, i refused, because I was not ready to do the job properly. Now I'm more confident and already use all of the techniques you gave is, and the result is unbelievable!
Nadia Mishina
I have tried many online courses, but is the best. No one teaches at such a professional level. You're great. 🙂
Michal Levicek
The course was amazing. The Structure was very well and Dado explained everything really good. I was surprised at how well the questions were inserted into the seminar. Really good Job!
Lars Pölöskey
Personally, I had a great time taking this course. It was filled with information that is going to improve my workflow as well as my overall skill using DaVinci.
David Muessig
The course surpassed my expectations. I new it would be good but not that good:) I am a cinematographer and due to the filming restrictions put in place in Melbourne, Australia, during the Covid pandemic, I am now setting myself up as a remote colourist. This course has given me the confidence to take on bigger and more demanding projects. I am not an experienced colourist but I found the content very well presented and explained. The course covered so much and was full of tips and techniques relevant to todays commercial workflow. Dado is a fantastic teacher and I really appreciated the "classroom" feel of the remote classroom environment. I am very grateful to have found Dado and the team at Colour Training. I look forward to taking all of the available courses and one day selling myself as a colourist. Thank you!
Richard Oldfield
Really enjoyed and was very informative. I think it was great for me at my current level and I’m not a colorist
Daniel Farmer
The course was very well structured and still individual so I got a lot of information about color management for special use cases.
Tim Kersken
I learned so much. I felt that my workflow was the main thing getting in the way of my creativity and this helped me understand the things holding me back.
Tyler Desiderio
Freelance Colorist
This course opened my eyes. Love Dado, his openness, expertise, and humor made this course a real pleasure to participate in.
Cyrus David
I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it was to meet all of you. The course itself was absolutely satisfying but, as Dado predicted, it was an added bonus to spend a couple of days with such a lovely bunch of talented people.
Vincent Taylor
Senior Colorist, NY
Thank you so much for generously passing on all your amazing knowledge and sharing your plugins and LUTs! The class was fantastic and far beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to start putting your methods and tools into use with my clients in San Francisco.
Jamie LeJeune
Colorist, SF
I expected the course to be more of a refresher and, at best hoped that I might pick up a couple of alternative ways of approaching things. Instead, you gave me techniques and principles that have revolutionised my practice, making me faster, moreflexible and ultimately just better.
Alex Parkison
DIT, London
I want to thank you for such an amazing experience, it was very enlightening for me. I am very grateful and hope to come back to studying with you very soon.
Manuela Paredes
Senior Colorist

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