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Colour Managed Workflow


This is an updated course for 2018, combining online learning with a two-day, classroom-based, practical training session.

Colour Managed Workflow is the de facto standard for modern film and TV productions and is recommended by Netflix, Amazon and HBO. Each participant will be awarded a full license in Colourlab for Davinci Resolve. Colour management establishes and maintains the desired look throughout the production process – from on-set monitoring, editorial and VFX, to finishing and final mastering.


The course focuses on the process of colour management in modern digital film production. To work in a creative role in our industry in the age of digital cinematography, it’s increasingly essential to understand the fundamentals and concepts behind colour and look creation, control and management.

Participants will learn all the tools, technologies and processes of colour management in digital cinematography, including how to achieve and maintain optimum image quality, workflows and best practices.

The course has been designed as three online training modules plus a two-day, classroom-based, practical training session. The content combines the theoretical side of colour management with practical real world training on workflows, approaches and techniques as well as creative look development.


Online Module 1: Introduction to Digital Cinematography

Online Module 2: Introduction to Colour Science

Online Module 3: Colour Management Fundamentals

Software 1: ColourLab RGB for Davinci Resolve

Software 2: ColourLab HDR for Davinci Resolve


22-23 March 2018 New York

11-19 September 2018 New York

24-25 October 2018 New York


Abel Cine New York 88 35th Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Abel Cine Los Angeles 801 S Main St, Burbank, CA 91506


Introduction to Digital Cinematography

  • Light and the human visual system
  • Digital camera sensors
  • RAW processing pipeline
  • Colour spaces
  • Gamma, linear, log, PQ
  • The truth about resolution, bit depth and compression
  • Common digital camera models

Introduction to Colour Science

  • What is Colour Science?
  • Physics of Colour
  • Artistic view on Colour
  • Primary Colour Correction
  • Secondary Colour Correction
  • Colour Cube – 3DLUT
  • Expanding our view on Colour
  • Mysterious world of illusion
  • Colour and Emotion
  • Colour and Harmony

Colour Management Fundamentals

  • Colour Managed Workflow overview
  • What is Look?
  • Colour Management On-set
  • Colour Management in Datalab
  • Digital dailies and Transcoding
  • Colour Management in Post Production
  • Colour Management for VFX
  • Colour Management for Masters and Deliverables
  • ACES – Academy Colour Encoding

Practical Colour Management from On-Set to Final Master

  • How to load Colourlab software and get started
  • Colourlab interface overview
  • Advanced colour science and how this works in Colourlab
  • Waveforms, vectorscopes and histograms
  • Colourlab neutral looks
  • Making a LUT and exporting LUTs
  • Primary colour correction
  • Creating ASC CDLs
  • Working with Box I/O
  • Working with OMOD
  • Working with RED
  • Working with Pomfort Live Grade
  • Working with Davinci Resolve in a Lab Environment
  • Colour Metadata creation for Editing
  • Working with Davinci Resolve for final grade
  • Colour Metadata Conform
  • The techniques that are most effective for final grading and mastering

Show LUT Creation and Creative Looks

  • How look development works and how to use Colourlab
  • Contrast Profiles and how to use them
  • Film stock emulation profiles and how to use them
  • Creative palettes profiles and how to use them
  • Secondary colour curves
  • What you can do to protect image quality
  • Create a look from RAW camera files: Panasonic, Sony, Red, Alexa
  • Show Lut & Colour Bible Creation
  • Examples of looks:
    – Hipster looks
    – Cross process
    – Sci-Fi looks
    – Colour isolation
    – Classic black and white
    – Orange and teal
    – Naturalistic look
    – Classic action movie look
    – Grunge and horror movie look
    – Flashback looks
Instructor: Dado Valentic